Custodial and Secure Metalwork


Architectural Steel Solutions


Custodial and Secure Metalwork

Architectural Steel Solutions


Custodial and Secure Metalwork

Architectural Steel Solutions


Custodial and Secure Metalwork

Architectural Steel Solutions


Custodial and Secure Metalwork

Architectural Steel Solutions

What we do

Secure metal products. Design. Fabrication. Maintenance. Furniture.


Metal Solutions. Engineering and Design. Rework. Supply and Installation


Secure facilities furniture. Sheet metal design and manufacturing.

CellCon Australia Pty Ltd

CellCon Australia are specialists in the supply and installation of custodial metal products for Police Stations, Correctional Centers, Law Courts, Detention Centers, prisons and Medical institutions along with other facilities that require increased security, we also supply and install fabricated architectural and structural steel into the construction market.

Doors, Windows, Frames

Professional and dependable service, a hallmark of CellCon, has underpinned our success on numerous projects throughout Australia and overseas.

Install, Repair, Maintain

Full range of servicing, upgrade and maintenance services for Corrections, Police, Juvenile Justice, Mental Health and High Dependency units.

Architectural Steel Solutions

CellCon Australia design, fabricate and install architectural and light structural steel including perforated panels and framing.

Recent Projects

Ravenhall Prison

Ravenhall Prison

Artist's impression of the new prison

Ravenhall Prison Project


Cellcon and Steelvision Pty Ltd have been contracted as a joint venture to supply the secure doors and windows package for the Ravenhall Prison with John Holland, GEO, Honeywell and Capella Capital

Major features of the project include:

  • Built capacity for 1,300 prisoners to meet possible future demand
  • 75-bed mental health unit, together with specialist mental health services for a further 100 other prisoners at Ravenhall
  • Flexible prison design allowing for future changes to cater for prisoners with different needs.


CellCon can assist you in the design phase of your project with all phases of the metal work packages.

CellCon also provides a range of maintenance services for Police, Correctional, Mental Health and High Secure facilities.


Intensive Use Furniture

Norix range of intensive use furniture for use in hospital, correctional and juvenile facilities that is fire resistant and durable. Additionally we supply and install Gold Medal Safety Padding for use in padded rooms, seclusion and high risk rooms and time out rooms.

Norix Furniture

Correctional Facilities and Behavioural Health Facilities Furniture

Norix Mattresses

Healthcare, Correctional and Dorm Facilities Mattresses

Gold Medal Safety Padding

Tough, resilient padding system providing maximum safety with minimal maintenance


CellCon has been expanding its operations throughout Australia.
Started out of Brisbane, CellCon is active in Queensland, NSW, VIC and now NT.